bunnies are eating my garden...

Spring Fever
Can you have spring fever and start decorating even though it is snowing outside?
Even though it is freezing outside?
Don't know... but I don't always follow the rules.
So, spring it is!!

The bunnies, the grasses, the eggs.... the color. Bring it on !!!

my new butterfly canvas will brighten any room...

I love the wall behind the bunnies
raw lumber, numbers, aged clock, industrial lamps...
say no more

I love my egg crates...

A customer came in the other day and stood and stared for a long time at this area.  She then turned to me and smiled, she didn't say anything, but the look on her face told me that she got it.  She saw all the layers, all the little quirks and the small touches.... she got it.

So I smiled back ...
appreciation is a wonderful gift.

lazy days and Sundays....

love the garden pillow

so sweet

my big bunnies sold out immediately.... but I have managed to order more

my talented friend Renee brought in some of her bunnies.

aren't they cute together

I love the shadow my bird cast.

This was a long post so I hope it brings a little bit of hope that spring is out there.... somewhere... not outside here in Minnesota... but for sure inside here at the Barn.

have a wonderful fun filled / restful weekend. L


trash talk said...

I just have one question. Can you even DO a bad display? Love the green...and your egg crates!

Georgia Gibbons said...

i am never disappointed to say the least...love, love, love.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree....visiting your photos is like being there in person. Eye candy and inspiration!

Yes, I 'got it', too. FUN!

And green eggs!?! Perfect!


Ido said...

Yay! You made me transport to spring immediately with those pictures, love the pillows, and bunnies, and everything!

lilybets said...

...oh,your shop now is becoming coloured,greeen!!!!.I would like to visit it, I could go around back and forward all day!!!.Touching evirithing..I'm very curious and I will be fascinated!.

bikim said...

gorgeous photos and post!!!!
happy sunday!

Layer it on. Change it up.

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