Bejeweled ...
I'm not sure if that is even a word, but I was digging the sound of it.
Bejeweled\ be-jeweled\ to be adorned in jewelry.
that's my Webster definition.

I had mentioned in a earlier post that I was revamping my jewelry area. I am still under construction; however, the jewels are coming in, so the show must go on.  I need to get my act together, but it has been so freaking cold that I am delaying digging my table out of the garage and hauling it up to the Barn.  Soon.
For now I will show you what fun goodies have arrived at the Barn this week.

License plate bracelets.. this is what I have left

$15 / large $18

large ball chain / bronze
I love this new color...

$34 each

well adorned I'd say


extra large ball chain necklaces $38

lots of new scarves also just in



local artist
flower bracelet

local artist
vintage goods

that is it for now

another cold front moved in and I am back to 12 layers of clothes....
I was kind of liking the week we had in the 40's. Oh well, soon.

If anyone is still looking for 2011 Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines I have a few left in stock.
1st issue - 3 copies
2nd issue - 8 copies
for those of you who preordered they should be arriving any day now.


bikim said...

lovely things you make!
enjoy your weekend!

Heaven's Walk said...

{sigh!} I guess it's good thing that I don't live close to your store, Lori. I'd be there every single day..... lol!

xoxo laurie

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