the Bags are in...

We are a bunch of bag ladies aren't we?
If you are anything like me.... love them....
...have to have it when I see it.

I usually can rationalize my need by saying,
it's the perfect size
the price is right
it will hold all of my things...
...catalogs, paperwork, journal, diet coke...
it's just the perfect size!!
I won't buy another...this is the last one
well it might be...?

These are it....the one!
I love the look... to say the least..
They are sturdy on the bottom and sides and have both a handle and a strap - love that!!!
 I find I need the handle to grab to get out of the car, but then I can convert to the strap over the shoulder to free up my hands... LOVE. 

not bad

double sided print

also the smaller sized wine tote


so fun.... oops we opened the bottle of wine early

We are having a hint of early thaw here in Minnesota.

I believe it hit the high 40's yesterday - almost 50 degrees !!
Same again for today.
Everyone is out and about and smiling, which is so fun. 
 I love when the Barn is bustling with guests, all looking for something fresh and new for their homes.
.... all looking for something unique and different...
that is why they come to me!!!
Or so they say??? 
But I love to hear it because that is what I strive for...
... my style, which is a little different then everyone else.

Big News
The website will soon be under construction for it's much needed face lift
AND online shopping.... There, I said it, it's out there...soon!


lilybets said...

Yes!!!!.I'm like you,crazy for bags!!.I love especially when they are country,with animals...birds,very romantic!!.I love your shop,I wish you it will have big success!!!.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I LOVE those bags !!! I have a closet full
of bags just because I totally cannot
resist them ~
Your shop looks awesome!


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Great bags , I want one! judy

Ido said...

I absolutely love those bags, I can't wait till you open your online store, for sure will buy some.
Have a wonderful "warm" day.

Debra@CommonGround said... shopping!!!!! Love the bags, can't wait to see your new blog lift!

Jill in Bellevue said...

Oh, my Lori! You posted my first "love", handbags!!! I may be contacting you soon to buy one. Love,love,love them.....Hope all is well with you!

Faded Charm said...

These would make any bag lady look fabulous and the wine bags are wonerful.

Can't wait to see your online maybe I can get some of your goodies and not just drool over them.

Stay warm


mitchiesmom said...

I have got to quit looking at your gorgemous blog!!! I LOVE LOVE these bags!! I gotta get me some of that!!! No really, I so enjoy looking, and it makes me feel so good to look - just what any doctor would order!! And I'm smiling as I am typing!!! Does my comment "look" happy or crazy!!! Keep up the good cause - and I can't wait until you are on-line for shoppin'!!!

lori miller vintage design co said...

even tho. we don't have an official "online" site doesn't mean you can't order... I just shipped 7 spectacular orders yesterday.

Thanks so much for all the support and the fun comments... L

Karen said...

Yes....I have been waiting for online shopping from your site. I live over 160 miles from you so a "drop by" to your shop just isn't possible in this busy life I lead (don't we all?).

Anonymous said...

Great bags....they are MUCH prettier than the ones they have at the grocery stores!

Online shopping. Now, that is going to be perfectly wonderful indeed! Thou dost tempt me!


SellWoWAccount said...

Women likely can't get enough of certain things. Especially when it comes to stuffs like this. Those bags look good and would be perfect for shopping.

Sell WoW Account

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