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I just received my first shipment of goods from Denmark. WoW! Jeanne d' Arc Living has really got it going on! Love. Love. Love. Look at these great containers above. Four different sizes, heavy metal, perfect.
The product is amazing!! The adventure of getting the product, on the other hand, was quite eventful. First I needed to order enough to fill the container. Not that I couldn't find enough great stuff, it was what could I afford. You also have to prepay, which means tying up a lot of cash, for a month or so, before you even see the product. I was so excited to hear it made it to Canada, but that was when a customs agent informed me that I needed to be represented and a lot more fees would be tacked on....weeks went by. I began to think I will Never do this again.
But, low and behold the stuff finally arrived...getting it out of the crate was another adventure. Lanette and I were so pathetic out in the parking lot... circling the box, with our drill and hammer, that we drew the attention of a nice man going by, who just happened to have a pry bar and large hammer in his car...saved the day.

Now that I have the majority of the items unpacked...I am in heaven. I will definitely be reordering. I wanted to get this post out this morning...more pictures to come.
Here is a sampling.

I have 5 different sizes of these fun bottles and containers...the tops are so unique

This pillow is gorgeous. Sorry, I only have 3 left. It is double the size of a normal throw pillow and oh so soft.

These stencils will move quickly...too fun

This lovely is the only number they is made on a heavy piece of metal. Way Cool.
We have 5 left

These vintage seltzer bottles are all unique in their own way. Authentic ~ from France "Old French Siphons"

And last but not least, is this amazing Christmas book. Showcasing the Nordic Country style of decor, written by Lonnie Wurtz Jensen and Vivian Christensen. It is not printed in English; however, the pictures and ideas will fulfill all of your winter decorating needs. Great for a gift or for yourself. These are in limited production, Jeanne d' Arc Living will no longer be publishing them, so I do not know if they can be reordered. I was going to save them for the holidays, but I already have people asking for them. :) $58


Anonymous said...

OMG! Why didn't this lovely stuff arrive before the Girls Came to Town? Lori's truck would not have been big enough. Wait...I am getting in the car right now and driving 6 hours...see you soon. ;-)

Ki said...

Lovely! Just got back in town and will plan a visit to your shop. I can't wait!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Six hours is not a bad drive at all. We'll have more loot in November when you come back...mark your calendar for the first or second weekend.
See you soon.
Hugs, Lori

lori miller vintage design co said...

Thanks for stopping by. Good to have you back...unpack your coat and jeans, it's cold up here. I can't wait to read about the last part of your journey home. See you soon.
Hugs, Lori

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait to see it all. My plane leaves on Friday, YEA...I am in sooo much trouble and I havn't even gotten there yet!
SC Sister

lori miller vintage design co said...

WELCOME. Nice to hear from you.

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