Six Things About Me... I've been "tagged"

Six things about me.

Thank You, Andrea of the renowned Junk Fest - foursome. I have been "tagged" which means share 6 things about yourself with your readers and then TAG 6 fellow blogger's.

So I started by making my you all know I love and live by "The List"

Family, career, things I love, food, drink. Big Categories. As I sat in bed last night reading and eating my beloved gummy bears, I thought...oh, I'll have to mention I love to read, and that I love gummy bears, and that....good golly, I could go on forever and I'm sure you would rather look at pictures. So here is the skinny...

1. Jerry and I have been friends for 28 years. We've been together as a couple for 26 years. Yikes. We have two - boy - children. Logan 24 & Daniel 18. Both gorgeous, fun, world- at-their-feet-kinda-boys. My little hound, Madison, Love Her! She drives everyone crazy with her bad habits and bad breath...she's been known to down a few gummy bears herself.

2. Career. Not to bore you but I am an advanced practice nurse. I work in one of our major metropolitan hospitals here in the Twin Cities. My specialty is in Cardiac Surgery. I work with two great surgeons, Dr. Christopher Heck and Dr. Michael King.

I also own and run the Round Barn Potting Company. I am starting my 3rd year as the "new owner." I'll forever be the new owner even tho. the Potting Co. never existed before me. The Barn; however, has housed 3 other businesses before me, so there you go... "new owner."

3. Things that bring me joy in life...besides a major league busy day at my Barn....are gardening, shopping, and reading. My compulsions are making lists and then breaking the lists down into new lists and then redoing the list as the day goes on... crazy (or so my husband tells me) ... I also Love getting my hair done.

4. Things I buy when I am out besides flowers and books... Vintage tee's. Love them. I am a sucker. I buy them by the handful. I wear 2-3 at a time sometimes. Also, handbags...most times they are only used for a week or two and then I land upon another "omg...I have to have will be the last one I ever buy and I'll use it Forever!! I promise..." My next goal, is to design my own line of's good to have goals, right? Even if you're to busy for laundry and such... and I can't leave out the jewelry and shoes...oh, and coats, in the Fall. Good thing I have two full time jobs!

5. Something new to me that I am learning to enjoy is food. I know, you are thinking what the... but food has always been just filler to me. Eat when you need something, find something fast and easy, and then get back to what you were doing before the interruption. My husband is teaching me how to take the time and enjoy food...and I am figuring it out. Food is long as he prepares it! Wine, beer or margaritas are also my drinks of choice.

6. My newest pleasure that I need mentioning is blogging. Thanks to all of you...

I'll have to ponder my tagging obligation...

...gotta run. Hugs, Lori

Happy 70th Birthday Mom


Junk Girl said...

Wonderful post, Lori! Nice getting to know you better! My family and I are planning a trip to the cities in July. I'll let you know the date so hopefully we can meet this time! Happy blogging! Andrea

lori miller vintage design co said...

Oh, we so have to hook up if you come this way in July. It will be a blast to finally meet you.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh my goodness, Lori...I just can't imagine how you ever narrowed your very full life to a list of 6 things about yourself --but, of course you did!! Seems that you have such a non-stop, do it all, cherish every moment attitude! always a pleasure to read your posts - your cup seems to always runneth over --- and I truly believe it has everything to do with your great attitude!

Gamma! said...

Thanks for letting me "know" you - now I KNOW why I appreciate you so much! Your love of life and positive attitude is definitely what the world needs more of. Should we break out in song? :)

Thanks for sharing Lori!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Kari and Nancy,
Your both so cute. Believe me, I don't think I have always had the positive attitude and the courage to just do what I do and to live "happy"....I think I see death and near death more frequently than does give you a "live for the moment" and cherish everything and everyone around you because it can all be gone in a blink of an eye.

I'm not the type to say "I wish I would have...or I wish I could have...because OMG of course I can.

Hugs L

BirchBerry Farms said...

Hey Lor----sorry I haven't been around much lately---got a new job and Ali is graduating so we are busy as beavers getting the house lookin good in between my hectic schedule as of late----I will be back in no time---well---basically as soon as things simmer down----LOL

The shop looks great from the pics---I can hardly wait to pop in---I miss you guys! Your little Herb Garden is to die for---I can see why the Rosemary is your fav---too cool---I LOVE my Herb Garden---just the smells alone are enough to keep me thirsty for MORE! Take Care! Always, Renee

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