Natural Elements

A client needed a center piece for her table..."I have a very large table"... So I gathered my favorites, which fortunately were hers also. I put together two renditions. The burlap cloth went down first, rough cut, very simple. The vintage feeder was the the main stay. To keep the price down I went and gathered rocks from outside and threw them in for free of course ~ I gathered only grey and white ones. A few odd sized white candles, white flowers, some moss (a must have) and then some metal accents to continue my natural elements theme.

the sign says it all

the metal candelabra is perfect

this is the original design and the one she chose but I did another just in case this one was too simple. After all, she said she had a really big table...

more moss and more white

I don't know how she could pass on these white pitchers. It just means there are plenty left for you. :)))


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Okay I LOVE the one with the white pitchers! SO gorgeous!! Why don't you just come to Alabama and open up a store here!! I think I could keep you in business! Love your style!

Lou Cinda :)

lori miller vintage design co said...

Lou Cinda you are too funny! I think I love you. I need more guests at the store up here just like you! :))

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