The girls are back in town

The girls are back in town ... after visiting for the first time last November, they vowed to be back. There is nothing better then a road trip... they drove over and then down, from the U.P. - Upper Peninsula. Hancock, Michigan to be exact.

Chris and the girls arrived Saturday afternoon with smiles on their faces and started loading up as soon as they entered the shop. Luckily, they drove down and experienced one of the nicest weekends we have had around these parts all Spring. No rain and no 50 mph winds, nothing but sunshine and glorious 70 degrees. So after hours of quality Barn time, I offered my Minnesota Hospitality and invited the gang over to my see more Barn stuff of course and to relax outside for a little happy hour ... besides, all the other stores in town had closed ;) I think, subconsciously, I planned it this way to keep my guests all to myself.

Some changes at the store...

Chris and Lori trying to decide what fun things they could possibly do with my vintage garden cart.

Early riser? What's better then scones and coffee as the sun rises... cock-a-doodle-do

Melissa, part of the "Pottin Co. fan club" flew in from Seattle, Washington.

Finally, we can grill out!

On the second trip around the Barn, Chris's eye caught the funky chalk board made out of an old drawer.

"oh yeah, that's coming with me!"

...too fun

After some relaxation at my place, Chris treated us all for Margaritas and dinner at the local Mexican eatery. Yummy. Lisa was excited...the margaritas came in a pitcher!
The guys loved us

Lori, Melissa, Chris (the stocker) and Lisa

They claimed that the overhead carrier was strictly for carrying junk back home...and believe me, these gals came down to shop!

Chris, thank you again for everything. I can't wait for November! L

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