Creations at home

In an earlier post I promised I would put pictures up when I finished updating things at home.

Redoing tables are easy, it is the walls that set the tone for the entire room. I love the rusty ~ dusty ~ chippy~ ceiling tiles of days gone by. I have many through out the house. Some are made into mirrors, others are used as backdrops, or simply, as art. I also found that I had a collection of windows, frames, and clocks waiting for new purpose. Look what happens when they are thrown together. My collections and piles of stuff became a creation that my guests stop and admire as they enter the room.

please seat yourself and help yourself...casual dining at my place
Risque, what a great name for a sparkling table wine. I always have a bottle on hand for impromptu guests.

This lovely porcelain tub is great for display, but within its belly hides bottles of wine that don't need to be out in plain site. I'd rather look at the flowers, sticks and grasses.

here is another ceiling tile...such character...and of course, more white, white, white

a view from one room into the next

As they say...from my house to yours. L :))

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