Peace and Serenity

Peace and Serenity... you walk in the door and you are greeted by peace and serenity. I don't care what it is or how it is displayed, black and white together are dramatic on one hand and calming on the other. I have caught many of my customers just standing and staring at this vignette. Love , love, love!

This display in the entryway makes a statement. Remember, first impressions make lasting impressions. A mother and daughter came into the store the other day, stopped and made that noise of pleasure...I'm not sure how to say it but it's like a sucking in of air -noise with a high pitched aaah. You know, when you see something you love, you want to squeal, but you tone it down a bit.... I said, "oh, you have not been here before?" They looked at me and said, "no, how did you know?" They both had smiles on their faces. It's the reaction. It gives it away every time. The first timers fall instantly in love. :) We are here to inspire and impress. It is why you all return. It is why I do what I do, for the reaction. I LOVE IT.

Vintage jewelry, vintage mirror...every girl's dream.

what's inside your drawers? ;) L


MySecondChildhood said...

Make sure that you have your camera at the shop this are going to need it to take pictures of the crazy gals from Hancock, MI. Cannot wait to see you and the new goodies at the shop!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Wowsers...I am honored - your coming back!! My camera is waiting and ready. I can't wait to see you guys...Oh boy, I better get the shop a road trip!

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