went to a garden party ~ part 2

A customer came into the store yesterday and said, "oh my God, you own this! You have attained the dream of everyone who comes in here!" She is right. Some days, I need a SLAP...Hello! This store is a good thing! A great thing, actually. Pinch, pinch...is it a dream? Believe me, it's not all play time and it is extremely expensive to maintain and keep a store this size filled with merchandise. But on the flip side there is nothing like going on a buying trip and unloading a truck load of Junk ;) and then reusing, repurposing, recreating and re-vignetting...and then watching it go out the door with customers that really appreciate what we do here. It is, in a way, like entertaining at home. You prepare and make everything just so, making your guests feel welcome, comfortable and at home, while showcasing your creativity and enjoying every minute of being the center of attention. :))
Our Garden Party is May 14 - 17
Sue Whitney, guest appearance, signing her new book Junk Beautiful - Outdoor Edition Saturday, May 16 2p -4p
Some inspirational photos.
funky, vintage, metal ?? table top...it works for me

love this chippy white feeder filled with rocks and candles...oh, and the clock...

tick - tock

I added numbers....they will look cute on the bedroom doors at my house... rent a room anyone?

this ladder has a huge center shelf...way cool...the black hardware doesn't show in the pictures but worth mentioning and checking out.

sorry, the lovely street sign sold in about 20 minutes.

I am surprised the ladder is still here...

...love the birds

I added these pictures of my favorite chandelier, as I decided I was going to keep it for myself, it sold - right under my nose...ugh! I'll have to find another... :))

Center stage...a table and chair...somewhere in this vignette...for Sue Whitney to do her book signing...May 16

burlap strips and naked lamp shades...I'm trying to decide if I need a few crystals...art in progress.

the books are not for sale... find some old books, remove the covering, soak in water and let dry...repeat the soaking if they don't plump up enough the first time. :))

I'm pinching myself... I am the owner of all of this...unreal!

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