...and so the saying goes.... baby it's cold outside!!!
I hear it is only going to get colder. Drats. When it's cold outside, it is freezing in my old Barn.
How many shirts can a girl wear?
December 31, 2009....wow! where has the time gone?
I am happy to say I leave in 5 days.... off to Atlanta!
My annual buying.... get motivated for change.... see what's new out there
....spend money and more money...
trip to Market.
I am so excited!!!
Here at the Barn, in the frozen tundra, I am sticking with the green food to get me through January and February....yikes

lots and lots of green food
Come in and see for yourself. Changes are taking place everyday.
Christmas....what's left of it, is 50% and going fast.
ttfn - L

Because of the cold we will be going back to our winter hours
Closed Mondays


Vintage Market Place said...

have fun buying, can't wait to see what you come back with.
sending warm wishes from Las Vegas

Jill said...

Happy New Year Lori. Have a great trip to Atlanta and try to hook up with Jana and Clarice and have some fun.

Layer it on. Change it up.

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