A flock of lovelies

A flock of lovelies have entered the Barn... and I'm not talkin' just about the birds! I am talkin' about all of you lovelies that visit the store and here on the blog!! I am having so much fun.
I am re-doing tables as fast as I can keep up, and my super-duper barn girls are selling and wrapping and bagging as fast as they can keep up. I am telling you ...too FUN!

I have shown this little tree in earlier posts...with red balls and white balls...so here is another twist. This item is one of the only things I have re-ordered this season...one of my customers just said "I'm taking the one I bought at Pottery Barn back - yours is much better" Love to here that!


The bottle drying rack ~ vintage England

the faux stone finial balls are one of my favorites this season

boxwood, pearls, hydrangeas.....what else do you need...

nesting down for the winter....image is everything...

grey Christmas stockings....4 left
I am off to start another list....have a great weekend! L


Vintage Market Place said...

Lori, Thanks for posting such inspiring pictures. They are works of art and I just adore looking at every detail.
Happy Holidays

lori miller vintage design co said...

you are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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