French Style at the Barn

layer on layer of vintage finds....

I feel like I just wandered into the best French flea market ever.... right here at the Barn. We have unpacked and unwrapped and finally priced all the vintage pieces that arrived last week.

They are all one of a kind items from all over Europe with patina and heritage and OMG pure splendor.

iron urns with lid

glove forms, corbels ... well you can see for yourself...

love this blue

angel wings with wax seal

large urn with old burlap skirt

these babies are the real deal .... yummy

extra large bottle drying rack

with the vintage bottles

we dressed a few of the vintage bottles with metal tags

industrial chic
or some might say factory style

new scarves... so anthro.... only $40 cheaper ;-)

German stacking boxes .... extra heavy duty

pillow covers.... we can customize and put your longitude and latitude

One more week of January....

it rained...yes rained, all weekend and now it is freezing...
... and snowing - not good.

One more week of January....


mari said...

wow! so many wonderful things! if i lived close by they would come home with me!

Vintage Market Place said...

Lockers, Milk Bottles, Bottle Dryer, Wire Basket......oh am I typing my wishlist out goodness how do live with such loveliness around you? Lori, you must be the happiest person getting to go to your barn everyday. I must make it a goal to get there to see it all in person.

Ticking and Toile said...

oh pleeeeaaaaase can I be you???? Ok..fine, how about just your job???? ;o)


Ok...just your barn???

Anonymous said...

Awe, everything is beautiful! I want one of each, I wish I live close to shop my heart out!

lori miller vintage design co said...

I wish you all lived closer and could come see me!!

Destination shop is what I have.... you are all going to have to gather the girls and drive.... road trip!


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