Vintage forever

It is so fun having the type of store that mixes new goods with my Vintage finds. The Vintage items make everything else come alive or have more depth... or...well, YOU know what I mean.
Any time you mix in the Vintage Finds it ROCKS.

This is one of my favorite tables in the shop.
My Farm Equipment sign is too die for!!
I had it originally to go over my fridge in my kitchen but the new Big Dog Fridge is Too Big. The damn thing is so tall that there was no room for the sign. For now it finds a home at the store until I can find some space at home.

cute little corduroy acorns

Funky finds


love weeds and sticks

We are full of color... I told you we are full of color

Even my purses are used as vases...

don't forget about reds for Fall
Happy Labor Day to you all.
Rest and enjoy.
I, myself, am working today, but there are things to do.
A large buffet sold at the Barn and I need to unload it, clean it up and get it loaded for it's new home. I am also working on some cute burlap containers for JB, I have 48 total and I only have about 18 finished. AND I am working on some jewelry for Junk Bonanza... I have 32 pieces finished, however, my goal is to complete 28 more today for a total of 60 pieces - my aching fingers.
Besides getting this post out, That is my list for TODAY.
This week I need to:
1. Finish tagging Vintage goods for JB
2. Reserve U haul truck - big truck
3. Finish last minute art work for the booth
4. Finish walls made for JB booth
5. Gather new 2010 card line to Premiere at JB
still waiting on my special print envelopes
(-hint... this is the Big news I will fill you in on greeting cards / wholesale!!)
6. 7. 8. 9. oh boy !! talk soon the shower is calling my name ~ L


Amy Kinser said...

My oh my at the lovlies you have.

Faded Charm said...

I'm loving this Fall look. Everything is amazing together.

Enjoy your Labor Day!


Robyn ♥ said...

Love those corduroy acorns!
Your store is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love your table!

Anonymous said...

LOVE all of your displays, Lori! We think alike... when I read your title, I thought "vintage rocks!" And then, when I saw that awesome farm equipment sign, I loved it instantly! Then, as I went on to read your post, you said the very things I was thinking!!
Anyhow... LOVE it ALL!
Have a great day,
Hugs ~ Jo :)

The Whistle Stop said...

Oh Lori... your displays look absolutely wonderful!!! I totally am with you on the "to do" list. It's never ending, isn't it? I see some wonderful market finds you have too. I haven't been able to get to market recently and I see I need to because you always have fun, new things.
Good luck with all you have to do! I know you will do well and have so much fun at the Bonanza. Sure wish we were doing it again this year! Be sure to take lot's of pictures to share with all of us!
Best of everything,
The Whistle Stop Country Store

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~*Wow Lori your displays and your sign is to die for!!!~~*~*LOVE everything~*~* :)Rachel

Gracie's Cottage said...

Great displays - makes me hunger for a little nip in the air.
I'm looking forward to meeting you at JB...glad I'm not the only left with a ton of stuff to do before leaving!


lori miller vintage design co said...

Thanks so much ladies... The sign is perfect. I hope it's still there when I get in today.

I finished ALL of my list yesterday except the jewelry... my tired eyes just couldn't see at the end of the day. First on the list today, well after surgery and all of my patients....then the Barn ... and THEN the jewelry.

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