Harvest time

I love this vignette.
As you enter the Barn this is your greeting.
Old scale stood upright and a lamp made out of vintage car horns
Au-uuu-ga... didn't they make a sound like that ??

Anyway, this is the other vignette right when you enter. 
The lighting is always funky up here so excuse the half, over exposed photos....

The buggy seat... a favorite of mine... is from my friend Sara at The Seasons, down in Carver.

All this other stuff is curtisy of you - know - who.... me!

Wilma bird makes the rounds

Cloche on the buggy seat.... love.

love the look of these new candles...
 my friend Jane, Oh mustard moon, turned me on to these.

Thanks for stopping.
Gotta run.... I'm off to open the Barn.

Halloween pictures soon.



Nancy's Notes said...

Each photograph is so full of wonderful treasures! What a fabulous barn full of everything I'd like to see!

Anonymous said...

Wonder stuff! And those candles in the galvanized 'buckets' are to die for! $$

It seems that autumn is everywhere....wich it would last a bit longer. We've already had snow.

Warm hugs

time worn interiors said...

While I was looking at these pictures I realize I need a lot more stuff for my store! I guess it will be a work in progress!

I also love those candle jars.


Bohemian said...

Your Booths are fantastic... when I need a Visual Escape or a heavy dose of Inspiration, I Live for Vignettes & Styling like this!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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