back in Blue ...

I am obsessed right now with the color blue.
At Christmas I did Vintage Aqua in my kitchen and on one of my trees. I mixed in a ton of white and blue dishes and used a lot of silver and other mixed metals.  Since then, I can not get enough of the color.

I told my mom, when I go to market, we are going to be in trouble because the Barn will be transformed into a sea of blue when the product starts rolling in.  Lately that is all I see, my eye is drawn to it.

So when I redid this little spread at the Barn last week.... I couldn't help myself.

Even the curtains.... I had saved some old packing paper... because of the color... love it. But why not use it for curtains, it's cheap and looks awesome.

tweet. tweet.
feed the birds.

Euro bottle drying rack

funky vintage colander... perfect color blue

again... perfect color blue...cylinders included

the pan.. I almost died when I found this beauty

moss rolls with wood chips

Vintage Olive buckets
from Europe
I can't believe how fast these sell, but then again... love them.

funky script ribbon rolls
another look at the moss roll

I am thinking that I have to put my name on these beauties if they are still their, at the Barn, when I get back from Atlanta. They look good in this vignette but I think they will look even better at my house.  It is so hard to find vintage accent pieces if you are looking for a certain color or patina.

Since my computer sat at the geek squad over the Christmas holidays, I never did post photos of my house.  Because we are all SO over the holidays I am not going to go there.... But, I want to show you the color I am talking about.

Vintage Aqua

My tree and my dishes... and then I had to make my own wine bottle labels.  I couldn't find the right color at the wine shop... so why not make your own.  They actually turned out super cute. 

Aren't they fun.

I hope this post tides you over until I get back.
I will give full report and have pictures of the Atlanta Market as soon as I get home.

I still have not got my photo editing program up to speed. I can't put my photo signature on the pictures... Ugh, always something. So I expect everyone to play nice, No sharing without permission... thanks, I know you all understand.

ta-ta ~ L


shannon i olson said...

wow, what amazing things!!!! I want the bottle dryer, the colander ..the....ok I want it all. I have never seen an olive basket that is fantastic, and your wine labels are perfect!!!

time worn interiors said...

I have been loving the color blue lately myself! I haven't indulged yet, but it has been catching my eye!

Love you tree with and your wine bottle labels!

Hope you have a successful market trip!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Lori! Have a great trip -- can't wait to see pictures!

Layer it on. Change it up.

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