it's all in the details

I'm sure you have heard the expression.... it's all in the details....

That is my philosophy at the Barn.
It's easy to set the stage, to gather the props, but the details for a finished product.... it is all in the details.

After days of watching customers come through with pen and note pad... making notes for the upcoming event. Asking questions like, "will anything be moved before the sale? Do you think this ___ will still be here when I come back?"

In this picture alone, I spot 3 things that are already gone.

The risk of waiting for the deal is all part of the game!
When you leave with some treasures it is all part of the victory.

But there is a whole huge Barn filled with goods.... enough for everybody.

details... open mind....hunt and gather as they say....

Tomorrow. Thursday Evening 5 -7 pm pre-Sale $10 entry
 ~ early birds that can't wait for Friday.

2 day Savings Event  Fri & Sat 10 - 5
Sunday... everything back to full price.

Gotta run... I have signs to put out.


3 comments: said...

I love how you put things together. Now that we have a brick an martor we are doing lots of layering to make it more interesting. Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing with us:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Joan said...

Thanks Lori for the wonderful sale. We wandered around for over an hour, just taking everything in! In the end we did end up with some treasures and great bargains.


Bohemian said...

Always such Lovely Displays! Your Styling is Superb!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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