Saturday, November 24, 2018

just a touch

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to start thinking about some Holiday décor at home.  Part of me wanted to sit on the computer and dig into some online black Friday deals, but I convinced myself to get a few areas in the house refreshed.

I was deep cleaning the kitchen and no one was home …. the kitchen then became the perfect place to start.

This old wire basket usually corrals my salt and pepper mills and some other often used spices.

Needless to say, this space really needed to be refreshed.


I am obsessed with the wood cutting boards and knew I wanted one in the basket
… but I needed something bigger with some more dimension 
… I continued my search through my stash of goods.

Doesn't everyone have a stash of goods just waiting to be brought out?

When I spied my tarnished silver tray, I knew I was onto something.

… a touch of black and white, a word, an
some more tarnished silver, some more wood

 a touch of green and the smallest touch of red.

Light the candle.


Where I come from, you just can't get enough M's

I have a collection of them throughout the house. It's funny how certain things catch your eye when you are out shopping. You don't really know what you are searching for, but when you spot it you know you have to have it.  
That is how I am when I find a random M.

I am really happy how this little area turned out.

What is it about the holidays that makes the tarnished silver extra special. It brings a touch of tradition and a touch of old world charm...

Every vignette, this time of year, needs to have a sprinkling of tarnished silver.

….and a touch of green
… and maybe the smallest touch of red.

this area makes me happy.

Don't forget to support small businesses today.

~ LM 

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