Vintage Holly Jolly Market

It has been a while since I spread my wings and set up any kind of  vignette to sell my wares.

The first weekend in November, in Minnesota, kicks off the Deer Hunting season. When the men leave for the Deer Hunting weekend - The women stay home and shop.  The 101 market in town hosts a large vintage vendor show in their back green house and I was one of the lucky vendors chosen to sell my goods.

And boy do I have some goods.
I probably could have filled the whole green house!!

This a picture of what it looked like when I got there.
Wide open spaces.
Trucks lined up and we all started unloading and building our individual spaces.
It helps that I have done many other shows in the past. You need to have a vision and a plan on how your space is going to come together. You only have so many hours to unload, build, price and do the finishing touches.

My problem with this show is that I didn't have any big tables or furniture that I could build my space with.  I had that awesome rolling cart (shown above) and a smaller table, but I was worried that if they sold early, all my smalls would be on the floor!!! ugh.
My mom came thru with a fold up table that in the end I used when my stuff sold.

As you can see a larger table would of been nice.

Because my space was by the entrance, I needed to have a large walkway to get through. What happens when you have a small space and a few people come in to shop, others will see there is no room to look - so they walk on by.

It's all in the floor plan.
The more people you get in to look, the more sales!!
The more sales, the less stuff you drag home.

I grabbed some jewels from my overflowing stash of necklaces. 
I priced them right and almost all sold.

Everything on this 
little table sold!!

Including the vintage Canada mail carriers bag.

This wall drape was a life saver!!
Behind it was the glass wall of the greenhouse and a table of bright pink flamingos.

Not that I don't like pink flamingos, they just weren't part of the plan.

Not all of my little hand made ornaments / shelf sitters sold, but at the end of the show, the count was over 65!!  Remember when Mr M said "not one would sell!"

Love to prove him wrong.

I have one small bucket full. They will be going with me to the hospital next week to see if I can unload the remainder. 

The bags were a big hit. They didn't sell out, so if you are still interested, I have them for sale at Tafoya Salon in Coon Rapids. They are also available by email or check the online shop.
Each one is slightly different.
Photos available by request.

They make a great gift!!

Black and White and Cream ALL Over!!

The pearl trees are always a big hit.
I sold a ton of them when I had the shop.

For the show I had 10 trees and they all sold!!

I have already reserved the same spot for next year.
My brain is churning with new ideas.

The Christmas shows are always so fun.

Now onto more fun with decorating the house for Christmas.   

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