My view to create

I don't get down to my studio space as often as I would like these days.

At times, the rest of the room is a complete disaster, but this corner, I keep my treasures on display and that makes me happy.  The best part about having a designated space to work,  I can get up and leave everything as is until I return. 

The chair. The lamp. The dress form. The top hat.

Creativity nurtures Creativity.

I would love to some day have a shared studio space with others.

I love to visit while I work, and collaborate, and get instant feedback....

and sharing rent in a fabulous, industrial space wouldn't be bad either !!!

These are my latest little creations.

I started by drawing three patterns.
 I had some vintage, canvas style material that I cut, stamped and painted. I found polka dot and striped material for the backing.  I went to buy the stuffing material, and once I finished stuffing them, I realized I had bought enough stuffing material for about 1000 little guys.
Good Grief.

In the beginning, before I started putting them together, I wasn't sure I liked them … and almost half went into the garbage. I stuck with the project though, and once they were sewn, and I had my loose thread hanging, my vision was complete.  
The ones I didn't like were now my favorites!!!
Funny how that works sometimes.
Cording material was added to hang them and I used wire and pearls to make the garlands.

Now onto more adventures...

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