A Junkin' good Saturday

What a better way to spend a Saturday morning. Junkin' ! It would have been better only if the sun had been out, the wind had settled down and the temperature would have been higher. For an August 1st Junk-out it was freezing. With all that said and having 4 days behind me.... grab a cup of coffee and look at the fun stuff I found.

This is where the best stuff is found... on the ground in a heap.

Darlene with her find of the day. It was the wheels.

Oh the glory. Books - Books - Books. Love them.

Scored some awesome boxes and drawers.

more wheels...too cute

German license plate
Wait until you see the 10 foot harvest table. It is raw and beautiful. Just the way we like it!


Junk Girl said...

Hey, great looking stuff, Lori! It was so nice to finally meet you on Saturday; so glad we at your store after you were back from junkin'! My friends talked and talked about how cool your place is!

BTW, if you ever find a "3rd Street South" sign, send her my way, would ya?! Have a great day! Andrea

p.s. yes, I am blogging at work! Shhh

lori miller vintage design co said...

Can you believe we never took pictures for the blogs when you were here. What kind of loser bloggers are we!! Anyway, it was so fun to talk and hug in person! Thanks so much for the complements...Please go on and on, I love it!

Unknown said...

great collection! love the drawers and all the possibilities with those.

lori miller vintage design co said...

miss Amy,
Thanks for adding me to your fav's and I'm with you, I love all the boxes. I am a sucker for vintage books and boxes. Oh, by the way your cupcakes look super yummy!

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