Every now and then you see something and you can sum it up in one word.
That is what came to mind when I saw the picture above.

new table came in.... fun pedestal table with a huge square top
... the beast weighs a ton!

the hats, the gloves, the pearls... the dresses!

new wine totes.... kinda fun.


Faded Charm said...

Gorgeous photos as always, Lori. Your shop looks wonderful. Hope things are warming up for you.

Enjoy your week.


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics. Looks really gorgeous!

I've started a new blog...trying to get the word out. Would love it if you would come check it out and, if you like it, become a follower and leave a comment. I have you on my blog list.

Take care! ~Jo

helle said...

Lovely blog you have! Love the interior of your shop - and the goodies!


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