old and new mix well together

Mixing the old with the new.
That has been my style here at the Barn since I moved in 4 years ago.

isn't this lawn mower fun...
garden sculpture... or in the bathroom....
It would make a great towel holder

1 corbel left... its mate left last week

another carcass... makes me smile

and another rusty crusty wheel

New French soap.

I fell in love with this exquisite bar soap last year and I am so excited to say it is now available here at my little ole' Barn.

Product of France

pure heaven
just sitting out makes your entire room smell yummy

new books. style and design. love them both.

the kitchen project is underway ... yikes what a mess... what we put ourselves through.
more on that later....


Sheila said...

LOVEloveLOVE the lawnmower... Have a great day!


Gone2theBirds said...

I'm coveting that corbel. Love how you put everything together!

julie miller said...

Lori, The patina on your vintage items is just wonderful!! I also love the look of your french soaps~do they smell as yummy as they look? Julie

BirchBerry Farms said...

You are KILLIN me!!! Shop looks fantastic Lor---if any of you have ever been here you know EXACTLY what I mean---OMGosh---you are constantly shakin the box and movin things around---I especially am in love with your carcasses of all sorts---gimme gimme---oh and BTW your new bike is just adorable!!!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Sweet - Sweet ladies. Oh how I love your visits and your wonderful comments. Each and everyone of you make me smile...

Sheila - yes the lawn mower is oh so good... I started out with three of them bad boys, but we are now down to two.

Julie - I can't even begin to tell you how good these soaps smell AND they smell good all the way to the end.

Renee - as always, my biggest cheer leader... thank you again, and it was so good to chat the other day.

cheers, Lori

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