random shots

I noticed I had some pictures that have not found there way to the blog world.
Just some random shots.
I have been so busy with the hospital that I feel I am really falling behindwith the store and the blog. NOT to mention home...with the open house/home tour coming up in 9 DAYS - but who's counting
look at this fun vine I just got in... it looks and feels so real!

zinc stencils

what is left of the summer baseball section

the rocket express wagon... red wheels... wood sides...OMG
it looks like it has never seen the outdoors

as always, too fun !

I finally re - did the window boxes out front.
I do spring preview boxes but then they need a new theme by June.
I will post those tomorrow.
ttfn ~L


Anonymous said...

I'm loving these pictures! I'm so glad you shared them with us...thanks! :) ~ Jo

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Thanks for the pic.. Just found you will be back .Come vist Laura

Jennifer said...

Well didn't you have a lot of fun - great pics too! I love the clock face ... everything! Happy Friday and stop in sometime at jennsthreegraces Jennifer

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