garden table

I went to a garden party.....
Looky - looky the table is set for a little garden delite.
The cupcake lifts...oh, too much fun... the way they march down the table

... and the fun bark pieces

the bark I have in ready to go bags so you can have fun, clean, bark at your house too

love my new hat

more changes in the Barn for next week.


Continued progress at home with the kitchen redo.

Still a mess. It is amazing the mess that saturates the entire house when sheet rock is involved, Uffda!

More soon ~L~


Honeycomb Creative Co. said...

Oh so cute! I love love love absolutely everything you do! Would you mind sharing the price of your cupcake stands? I've never seen them for less than about $40 each so I'm curious.

Thanks and keep up the beautiful work!


Mary Ann said...

wow lori, this is a great site! i have a small business too that i have on the side, your blog is just full of inspiring ideas and the photos are awesome. when you seek you find it and i am glad i found this blog. im your new follower and i will add you to my blog list..verbena cottage

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