my chair

I came in the the other day and my chair had been picked clean.
You know what that means... time to redecorate and take some new pictures.
Play time!!

the flowers are so life like I feel like I should be watering the chair

love the mirror

thanks for stopping... L
A little clarification from my last post regarding my time spent at the hospital. No, I have not been ill. No, I have not been visiting. I have been at the hospital working!!!
I am a Cardiac Nurse Clinician, working at North Memorial Medical Center for two Cardiac surgeons. So, all is well... just busy.
More soon on the upcoming home and garden tour

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Mary Ann said...

lori, great post...i am an RN and loving every minute of it, and also blogging becomes my outlet of my appreciation for beauty! love that chair vignette...verbena cottage

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