zinc and moss

I am so glad I got these pictures taken when I did because this vignette has been stripped bare. I had to scrounge and find new filler to get us past the up coming weekend.
You gals love your garden stuff!!
Thank God it is Friday.
new zinc pots with trays... 2 sizes... LOVE

I had some cardboard chandeliers doing nothing...so...
... I mossed them. LOVE

Are they not to die for

wouldn't they be great at an outdoor wedding

vintage garden tools, bricks, mulch... how much fun can a girl have.

my Santos is now keeper of the mossed chandeliers and the garden table

I have been torn, the last couple of weeks, trying to find time between the store, the hospital and home. I am sure you all have the same thing going on... getting the house ready for summer entertaining and trying to simplify...to rest. I said I would not do my home tour again. In fact, Mr. Miller reminds me daily, that I said I would not do the Spring open house tour again. Well, I am doing it and I have a complete mess on my hands. Yikes. 15 days.... Yikes!
Who in there right mind would do kitchen reconstruction 4 weeks before the open house? Actually, I hired the contractor in January, and then after 3 months of nothing going on and excuses I fired the contractor... leaving me to start late and now have only 1/2 a job 1/2 finished. Who will notice the refrigerator sitting in the middle of the room, right?
If you are not familiar with the tour, I open my doors and allow my guests to tour the gardens and my home for 1 day. They come, they touch, they ask questions, they seek inspiration and hopefully relax and enjoy the afternoon with friends and family. Some stay for 30 -45 minutes, having lots of plans for the day, while others stay and explore for hours. It is a great time, and after, I get to relax and enjoy my gardens for the entire summer!! I forget about all the hard work and stress the minute the doors open that morning.
June 05
10 am - 3 pm
call the Barn for more information, 763.427.5321


Ticking and Toile said...

Oh, I want to come!!!!! dang it ~ wish I lived closer! :(

I know you must be totally stressing out.....I hope you can get everything done & to your liking~ and maybe even have a day to relax ~before the open house!

I'm sure it will be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Wow...you have a lot on your plate!! I wish I could be there for the tour...bummer!
Love your displays. They look great!
I've been there done that with the kitchen remodel. Come on over to my blog...you can see the before and after, and the frig in the middle of the room (lol). Good luck...I'm sure it will all turn gorgeous!! :) ~ Jo

Sheila said...

OMGOMGOMG.... I love the moss covered chandeliers, you are so Clever! i hope you have a great weekend.


Mary Ann said...

your photos of your store are so inspiring! i always enjoy visiting your blog. have a great week ahead! verbena cottage

Rock River Stitches said...

Lori, I sure do wish I lived closer to you. I would be the first person in line for your open house! Hope you get your remodeling done before the big event.


Gypsy Purple said...

Please see my blog for a mention and a link XX Gypsy Purple

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